Zoé Servant Ministries

Horseshoe Drive Campus

Zoé Servant Ministries

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

An important aspect of the Student Ministry at Philadelphia Horseshoe is letting students know that they are part of the church now! We want every student to become involved in their Student Ministry and serve in some way. There will be many opportunities to serve during the year through our student ministry. Check out the benefits!

Sunday Night Opportunities to Serve

The Zoe Servant Ministry schedule runs concurrent with the Rapides Parish school calendar year. 

Reach One (Student FAITH)

5:15 pm  | Meet in the Fellowship Hall

During the Fall & Spring semesters, students have the opportunity to participate in Student Faith. Students meet together in a small group and learn how to better share their faith. The studies the students participate in are easy to learn and are challenging at the same time. Students & Youth Drivers meet in the PBC Horseshoe Drive Fellowship Hall to make visitation teams. We pray together then we go out on visits in the neighborhoods. The students love the time they get to minister and invite their fellow students to church or lead them to Christ.

One Band

5:30pm  | Meets in the Youth Room

On Sunday evenings the student band practices in the Youth Room at PBC HD. Opportunities to lead worship at camps, retreats, revivals, and other special events are available throughout the year.

One Light

4:30 pm | Meet in the Sanctuary

Using black lights, white gloves, and props, students learn and perform to songs to convey the message of Christ. Students also use a shadow box to create images to songs or skits. This servant ministry meets on Sunday Nights at 4:30 pm.